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Rinnai Enduro 13 Convector Gas Heater

Rinnai Enduro 13 Convector Gas Heater

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Contemporary and compact, the Enduro 13 Convector is the smallest gas convector heater in our range, but its powerful output quickly heats up any small room keeping you comfortable all winter long.

The on and off countdown timers not only provide warmth when you need it most, but save both gas and money. With an easy to use control panel, the Enduro 13 Convector comes complete with low emissions technology, thermostatic set’n’forget operation and adjustable temperature settings.

With an outstanding 5.8 efficiency star rating, the Enduro 13 Convector lets you to take comfort around the home. All you need is an appropriate gas connection point.

Features include:

  • Economy mode - reduces running costs
  • Delay on timer
  • Delay off timer
  • Low emissions technology
  • Ideal for smaller living areas
  • Electronic thermostatic control
  • Available in platinum silver or white
  • Compatible with LPG & Natural Gas
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