With Daikin's Alira X you'll enjoy:

✔️ Comfortable temperature
✔️ Optimal humidity
✔️ Low noise levels
✔️Cleaner air

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a type of system that can cool and heat your home. It works by moving heat from inside your home to the outside when you want to cool down, and reversing the process to bring heat in when you need to warm up. This is more energy-efficient than traditional heaters because it uses electricity to transfer heat rather than generate it directly. With the ability to flip between heating and cooling, this system is versatile and can be used all year round, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

Reverse cycle technology is available across a variety of HVAC systems:

Ducted Air Conditioning

Heat or cool your entire home without cluttering your living spaces. All you'll see indoors are the controller, the return air and discharge grilles.

Split System Air Conditioning

Heat or cool a single room or space. Choose from wall-mounted or floor-standing units to perfectly match your space and comfort needs.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

Heat or cool multiple rooms, all from a single outdoor unit. Individualised control and settings for each indoor unit, giving you precise comfort where you need it.

  • We will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you or your business.

  • 1. Asessment

    An assessment could involve inspecting the size of the rooms, and considering any unique characteristics of your building that could affect the performance of an air conditioning system.

  • 2. Planning

    Based on the assessment, Energy Shop Australia will plan the most effective air conditioning system for your needs. This isn’t just about the type of system - such as split systems, ducted, or reverse cycle - but also where units should be placed for maximum efficiency and comfort, and what size and model will best suit your specific requirements.

  • 3. Installation

    Energy Shop Australia technicians will handle the installation process, ensuring that every component is installed correctly for optimal function. This includes careful placement of indoor and outdoor units, professional electrical work, and a meticulous approach to sealing and insulation.

Why does this custom approach matter?

Air conditioning isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario. The right system for your space can save you money by running more efficiently, provide better comfort by maintaining consistent temperatures, and last longer because it's the appropriate size and installation for your particular environment.

A custom solution also means that you're not overpaying for an oversized system or underserved by an underperforming one. Energy Shop Australia ensures that you get the system you need, tailored to your space.

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