What is gas central heating?

Ducted gas heating comprises of a heating unit connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts. Ductwork and outlets are strategically placed throughout the home, either in the floor or ceiling. The ducted heating system draws air from inside the home through the heater where it is warmed. A fan pushes it into the rooms of the home via the outlets and duct network, in the form of a steady, gentle supply of warm air.

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When planning your heating system, we typically recommend installing ducting under the house. This method enables direct and efficient routing to each heat outlet, keeping the warmth evenly distributed throughout your home. It's also less invasive than other methods, as it doesn't require altering the main living spaces or structure of your home for installation or maintenance.

Benefits of gas central heating

  • Efficient: With up to 6 star energy rating models available, this high efficiency feature uses less energy and provides long term savings during the service life of your heater.
  • Fast Heating: It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside, the ducted gas central heater will up your whole home before you know it.
  • Control: Tailor your comfort levels with our diverse range of controllers. With functionalities including 7 day programmable, preset temperature settings and thermostat control. 
  • Brivis gas central heating systems from Energy Shop Australia

    Experience the warmth and reliability of Brivis gas central heating, designed for efficient and even heat distribution throughout your home. Brivis systems are engineered for Australian climates, ensuring cost-effective performance and easy temperature control for your ultimate comfort.

StarPro Series

Brivis’ highest efficiency Ducted Gas Heater range of 6, 5 and 4 star heaters. The range of Brivis StarPro’s are cleverly engineered to use less gas then traditional Ducted Gas Heaters. This is achieved through a superior 4 Pass Heat Exchanger with Modulating Gas Valve – meaning you get superior temperature control and greater efficiency.

Buffalo Series

The performance and reliability of the Buffalo Ducted Gas Heater, is synonymous with the Brivis Brand. After all, there are more Brivis Classic Ducted Gas Heaters installed in Australian homes than any other brand. Available in two different star ratings and kW capacities that offer greater efficiency and have been reliably keeping Australians warm for over 40 years.

Compact Classic Series

The Compact Classic range (CC3), as the name suggests, is a compact design for easy installation indoors and in tight spaces. Perfect for new homes, the CC3 is a price conscious, no fuss solution that’s easy to install.

Classic Series

The Brivis Wombat is known for its performance and reliability and has a model to suit virtually any home. The Brivis two-piece Wombat range of heaters have up to 3.8 Star energy rating, making it one of the highest rated 3 Star Ducted Gas Heaters on the market - the best value option in its class.


Total home comfort at the touch of a button – the Brivis range of controllers are flexible and simple to use allowing you to keep in control of your Gas Ducted heater, Evaporative Cooling or Add-On Ice.

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