High-domed lid to fit more in

The first thing you'll notice is the large lid design.

That means plenty of room for all your favourite meals, plus great heat circulation for your 'lid-down' cooking.

Searing is believing

Expand your temperature range at the twist of a wrist with the all-new + burner.

Available on selected models, the + burner allows you to expand your outdoor cooking possibilities. From low and slow cooking right through to high-temperature searing, the possibilities are endless.

Cleaner burning burners

The high efficiency burner design is designed to provide even, consistent heat across the entire cooking surface. They're very efficient on gas use, without compromising on outdoor cooking outcomes

Front-facing control and access

Everything you need to control your next cook is right in front of you.

The control dials, push-button ignition and the grease tray are all front-facing, giving you simple control of your Weber Q.

Weber Connect Integration

Now you can receive cooking notifications, alerts and count down to the perfectly cooked meal. All thanks to purpose-built ports and housing areas for the Weber Connect Smart Hub.

* Weber Connect Smart Barbecue Hub sold separately

How hot is this?

Added peace-of-mind for low and slow cooking, roasting and baking.

We've placed a thermometer front and centre in the lid* for simpler temperature monitoring. Want to monitor more closely? The new Weber Q range is also fully compatible with the Weber Connect Smart Barbecuing Hub.

* on selected models

Collection: NEW Weber Q Series

Feed Your Qriosity with the new Weber Q

If you're Qrious about what the Q can do, discover a whole new dimension of delicious meal ideas from the famous Weber Recipe Book.