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While a good number of people think BBQ cooking is about throwing veggies and meat on the grill, it can be so much more adventurous and delicious than that. Most dishes that can be cooked indoors can also be cooked outdoors, but adding twists and tastes makes them suitable for alfresco cooking. Whether you’re looking to cook something up very quickly or want to serve a huge gourmet banquet, many interesting BBQ recipes are available. Preparing meals on a Weber BBQ means you can be in the midst of socialising whilst cooking. You won’t be secluded away in the kitchen while the party rages outside without you. Instead, you get to enjoy your company and display your cooking skills at the same time.

If you are still looking for the right BBQ to purchase, then Weber is the brand you must opt for. With Weber, you can level up your cooking experience. Energy Shop Australia is one of the top BBQ specialists in Drummoyne and all across Sydney. We provide Weber BBQ products and assist in designing the ideal solution with our broad range of leading Weber BBQ options. We have an amazing Weber BBQ range consisting of three ranges: accessories, gas and charcoal. Our Weber BBQ products range from Weber Family Q Rotisserie, stainless steel barbecue tongs to Weber Go Anywhere. We are located in Camperdown and provide BBQ products in various suburbs across Sydney, including Drummoyne.

Need BBQ products in Drummoyne? Here is why you must buy Weber BBQ from us

  • Hassle-free cleaning!
  • Weber BBQ’s come with split grills that are made of cast iron with a porcelain enamel coating. This means that after you’re done cooking on your Weber BBQ, you can just clean your grilles with the Weber 3 sided BBQ brush making it very easy to clean.

  • Highest quality!
  • With Weber BBQ, you get zero hassle and just happiness! Your barbeque experience is essential to Weber, which is why they insist on the best quality parts and components so you constantly get good results. All of Weber’s products are manufactured to the highest specifications using high-grade materials and components, and every product goes through extremely severe testing to ensure high quality and durability.

  • New product additions
  • Being a well-known company, Weber is aware of how customers’ needs are ever-changing. As a result, it frequently introduces new BBQ products and accessories to fulfil the demand of the consumers. Additionally, Energy Shop Australia ensure that we regularly update our selection of Weber BBQ accessories.

  • Pricing Options
  • When it comes to Weber, their range of products is huge. So, there is something for everyone. You can get your desired BBQ within your price range and can choose to have the necessary accessories as additions based on your needs and requirements. Energy Shop Australia keep stock of various weber BBQs and provide them at a price suitable to our customer’s budgets.

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