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Australian families are well aware of the convenience a gas BBQ brings. Among various brands, Weber BBQ is the one that will take your cooking experience to the next level. With several BBQ accessories available, you can choose to add them on with your Weber BBQ range for a pleasant BBQ experience. Your food now gives you a completely new flavour and something magical, and you’ll never roast indoors again!

Barbecuing is the most preferred method of enjoying a steak for most Aussies. Also, with the amazing weather almost all year round, having an efficient barbecue can make weekends more fun. However, selecting the best barbecue can be a bit tricky. Sure, a gas BBQ is more convenient, but there’s just nothing like the delicious taste that you can get with a charcoal BBQ grill. Energy Shop Australia is here to guide you through your BBQ journey. We will help in designing the perfect solution with our broad range of Weber BBQ options for you in Balmain.

Weber BBQ Options At Energy Shop Australia

We provide Weber BBQ products and solutions in Camperdown and other suburbs in Sydney, including Balmain. Our amazing collection of Weber BBQs includes three ranges, namely the charcoal range, gas range and accessories range.

How do the Weber BBQs function?

The tender, smokey and delicious taste that you get with a charcoal barbecue just can’t be achieved with any other type of BBQ! As the steak warms up on the BBQ, it releases juices that spill onto the hot charcoal and immediately combusts. Those juices contain oils, fats, proteins and sugar that then evaporate before rising back onto the steak. That is how charcoal grilling gives you that remarkably rich flavour.

Weber BBQ in Balmain- Why Buy them?

  • Variety!
  • With a wide range of Weber BBQ’s to choose from, it can be tricky to know which is the appropriate match for you. Talk about having a lot of stuff on your plate! Luckily at Energy Shop Australia, we know BBQ’s and are here to suggest some of the best Weber BBQs to complete the look of your backyard in Balmain this summer. Currently Weber offers a series of varying models of different sizes and purposes in each line, so everyone can find their fitting BBQ. We can’t forget the classic tried and tested gas BBQ which is loved by many. As a traditional BBQ, the Weber BBQ is arguably the most famous and ideal for families. They are very easy to clean and accessible. There’s something for everyone in the Weber BBQ range.

  • Easy to clean!
  • Cleaning a Weber BBQ is quick and simple. You can easily clean the cooking grates using a grill brush and wipe the outside of your Weber BBQ with a cleaning cloth and a Weber cleaner. For added convenience, the Grease Management System helps get rid of grease that is not vapourised by the flavoriser bars into an easily removable drip tray below the cook box.

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