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Why not invest in a Weber BBQ and improve your cooking skills this summer? Australia has some of the best weather for enjoying a weekend BBQ. A Weber BBQ is a sign that you care about the taste and quality of your meals in the barbequeing industry. To use a Weber rotisserie, you don’t have to be an expert barbecuer. It is a dream accessory that completely changes the way you prepare food all year long. The most adaptable barbecues you will ever find are from Weber. On a Weber, you may easily roast, bake and make pizza’s to perfection every time. .

Energy Shop Australia is here for your summer barbecue needs. We have the full range of Weber BBQ’s and accessories for your home in Annandale. Our range consists of the charcoal range, gas range and accessories range. Our charcoal range includes Weber Compact Kettle, Weber Go Anywhere, Weber One Touch Gold, Weber Smokey Joe and many more. Our gas range includes Weber Q, Spirit, Genesis and Summit range. We carry the full range of Weber accessories.

Energy Shop Australia provides Weber BBQ products and solutions in Camperdown and other suburbs including Annandale. We will assist you through the selection, delivery and assembly service of your BBQ so you can now enjoy your BBQ nights freely. If you have any queries regarding Weber BBQ, feel free to call our BBQ specialists.

Let’s Discuss Why You Should Get Weber BBQ From Us In Annandale.

  • The advantage of a gas Weber BBQ is the speed with which it can be lit and pre-heated and the ability to smoothly adjust the temperature. This makes it a hassle-free and predictable way of cooking.

  • Flexibility is not its only advantage. The Weber BBQ is seriously economical. You can cook more than 100 fantastic BBQ meals on your Weber BBQ with just one 9kg gas bottle.
  • The Weber BBQ comes at various price ranges that you can choose from. Hence, there is something for everyone. Weber has been providing quality BBQ products since the 1950s and has a huge range of BBQ products. We at Energy Shop Australia make sure that we stock all the latest Weber products.

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