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In this day and age, not having an air conditioning system inside your Newtown house is undeniably not the norm. In fact, air conditioning systems aren’t even considered to be a luxury but a necessity at the present time. However, many people forgo the option to have a legitimate air conditioning system in their houses simply because they think it is an extra cost that they just don’t require in their life. Earlier, air conditioning was a luxury; but today, though, it’s a norm in homes, offices and even in the a few public transport systems, it has become a necessary part of our lives.

During the hot summer months in Australia, having an efficient cooling system is essential at home and at your workplace because it could affect your health. In some cases, it could have an adverse bearing on your productivity, which makes air conditioning something many have to think about. Energy Shop Australia are experts in providing efficient, affordable air conditioning installation at your Newtown home and across Sydney. Our trained and licensed technicians can advise you on the best energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your home so that you have a comfortable temperature throughout the year, without busting your budget.

We offer a vast variety of services, from installation to repairs and servicing of air conditioning and heating in Newtown.

The Energy Shop Australia not only works with its customers to develop and tailor the right products and solutions, but also ensures this carries through installation, product use training and long-term servicing. Daikin creates supreme air conditioning technology, which works efficiently. You can rest well, thanks to the Daikin air conditioner. Call us if you have any queries related to your Daikin air conditioning installation. We are located in Camperdown and provide our services to various suburbs in Sydney including Newtown. Our team of well-trained experts will ensure seamless operation for your cooling solutions now and into the future.

Need air conditioning systems in Newtown? Daikin is the go-to brand

  • Wide variety!
  • Daikin has developed a wide range of products that Australians can select from. Each has its own advantages and benefits, especially to suit different people’s needs. Daikin air conditioning runs throughout the space to cool or warm the place. We at Energy Shop Australia have a range of Daikin cooling and heating solutions, which include: Daikin Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems, Daikin Floor Units, Daikin wall units, DAIKIN US7 & Daikin Heat Pump ducted systems.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Daikin air conditioning systems are created with advanced technology and components to help enhance the efficiency of the systems. The use of inverter technology plays a great role in reducing noise that gets generated when you switch on the system. Moreover, the temperature is also adjusted without switching on/off, thus making them an energy-efficient option that saves a lot on your energy bills.

  • Additional benefits you are entitled to
  • Daikin has a team of experts who are always available for you in case you need help in the installation or repairs of your system. Moreover, their products come with a 5-year warranty. Thus, you are assured that their products are built to last long for you to have comfort for many years to come.

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