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Air Conditioning has become a great part of our everyday lives. Whether it be at home, school, work, childcare, gym, movie theatre, shop centre, or just about any indoor area, chances are you’ll find an air conditioner in use. The air conditioner unit may be visible on the wall clearly or in the window, concealed in the ceiling as a ducted aircon, or the whole unit may be out of sight in the case of a packaged unit on the rooftop or central air conditioning. We are all aware of its existence but rarely stop to think about why and how air conditioning can be advantageous. If you do, you may come up with a few reasons, such as keeping you comfortable and cool in summer or warming you up in the winter in the case of the reverse cycle air conditioner. These are certainly great features of a Daikin air conditioning system.

Although air conditioning is seen as an expected necessity in all houses, there’s a chance that your home or apartment does not actually have an air conditioning system. That could be a scenario that can have you wondering whether you really need to buy an air conditioning system or not. Perhaps you have bought a new rental property. Maybe the dream house you have your eyes set on is a traditional home with no central cooling or heating facility. Or the place you are renting does not have an AC. Whatever the reason, it is one that has you lacking in heating and cooling in your home. This is where we come in. Energy Shop Australia provides excellent air conditioning solutions in Camperdown and other suburbs including Marrickville. We provide a wide variety of services, from installation to repairs and servicing of hot water systems, air conditioning, and heating.

Daikin Air Conditioning – What makes them the go to air conditioners

  • Reliability!
  • With over 90 years of working in the air conditioning industry, Daikin has developed its knowledge immensely in air conditioning technology. This means that their air conditioners have been created with years of trial and error, with the best type of systems coming together. Each system is designed and manufactured by experts with years of experience in the trade as well. Daikin air conditioning also builds systems with people’s needs in mind at all times and develops their aircon systems to make sure people can have a working, reliable, and efficient system running in their homes or workplaces. The systems are built with appropriate manufacturing, materials and tools for a quality system to be produced. Thus, Daikin is your go-to and reliable air conditioner if you are looking to install them at your place in Marrickville. And what better place to get them than Energy Shop Australia?

  • Sustainability!
  • Daikin air conditioning units are built to last for a long time, provide precise temperature control and can be easily installed into any space. The reputable brand with its vast experience builds its systems so that every person can have an air conditioner installed reliably in their house or work place. Each system is also being developed to use as little energy as possible which is better for costs and also for the environment. The units also last longer and work properly longer, which will minimise the need for replacing the system.

  • Range of air conditioners
  • Being a reputable brand, Daikin manufactures a wide range of cooling and heating solutions. Hence, you have a wide range of options to choose from. At Energy Shop Australia, our range of Daikin products includes the following:

  • Daikin Reverse Ducted Systems
  • Daikin Floor Console Unit
  • Daikin standard wall units
  • DAIKIN designer wall units
  • Daikin special heat pump ducted systems
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