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More than a 25% of your total energy costs come from generating hot water!  It is essential, therefore, you get the right advice and the right hot water solution for your needs. The Energy Shop is here to help!

We are always happy to provide unbiased advice on your current hot water system, its operation, efficiency and lifespan.

We can also and make objective recommendations on alternate systems that may be more efficient and cost effective. From continuous gas flow and gas storage hot water systems, to electric pump and solar hot water systems – we’ll have a solution that is right for you.

In developing this solution, we consider many variables including usage, gas versus electric or whether a continuous flow option appropriate for your needs. It may be the case your current hot water system is doing the job but may simply need a service.Our goal is ensuring the right product and service for you.

As always, we bring our 25 years of expertise to every solution and with our end-to-end focus, help you select, install and service your hot water system throughout its life.

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We’re here to help you with your heating needs in Sydney. We offer a wide ranger of heaters, and heating solutions around Sydney, and offer end to end installation and service. If you have any questions please talk to us today.

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