Paloma PG-851S

Highly portable, speedy heating and completely safe heaters. Ideal for the home and weekender. Save money and stay warm with Paloma gas heaters.

  • AS4553 Efficiency Star Rating – 5.9 Stars.
  • Reliable piezo ignition with quick sensor device.
  • Speedy heating through immediate and direct effect of infra-red radiant heat.
  • Two heat settings – High or Low setting for comfort and economy.
  • Portability – take your Paloma gas heater on trips to the weekender. These heaters can also be moved from room to room and stored away over the summer months.
  • Ideal for small rooms or areas.
  • Electricity is not required to operate these radiant heaters.
  • Manufactured in Japan.

Inbuilt safety features:

  • Flame failure device prevents flow of gas to burner if ignition fails or flame goes out.
  • Oxygen Depletion Safety System – Should the oxygen level in the room falls below an acceptable level, the heater automatically shuts off.
  • Safety Tilt Switch – If the heater is knocked over the gas supply is immediately shut off.


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